Epoxy floor coating is an unbeatable way to protect any commercial, municipal, agricultural, or industrial concrete floor. This resinous flooring offers a shiny finish that can be cleaned on the spot. If you’re tired of dealing with oil leaks and other damage to the floor of your business, keep reading to learn more about epoxy floor coating.

Before Application of Floor Resin

After Application of Floor Resin

Durable Protection for Your Flooring

Typical concrete is porous and susceptible to the elements. But concrete treated with epoxy floor coating becomes far more durable. Here are just a few of the characteristics of a floor treated with epoxy:

  • Anti-microbial

  • Resists thermal shock

  • Able to withstand high-pressure steam cleaning and scrubbing

  • Stands up to moisture, chemicals, and stains

  • Easy to clean in a variety of ways  

Some of the floor coatings we offer include:

  • Commercial & Industrial Floor Coating Systems: Seamless polymer concrete resurfacing overlay.   These systems are perfect for heavy traffic areas, manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities, food processing plants, warehouses, and more.

  • Decorative Floor Coatings: With our variety of decorative and metallic floor coating systems, our experts will design a durable and aesthetically pleasing floor coating system for your commercial, institutional, municipal, and industrial needs.

  • USDA Clean Room Solutions: This high-performance coating is perfect for environments that are sensitive to pollutants, contamination, and static charge buildup.

  • Secondary Containments: This provides superior protection from harsh chemicals, hazardous materials, and biological environments.

  • Tank/Pond Linings: We have options for potable water, wine, and oil as well as for non-potable water and sewage.

Choose the Right Epoxy Floor Coating for You

From USDA Clean Room Solutions to tank and pond linings, Universal Coatings has an array of epoxy floor coatings to suit any situation. We offer commercial and industrial coating systems for heavily trafficked manufacturing environments. We also have decorative floor coatings for a more aesthetically pleasing look for your commercial environment.

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